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Dr. Adrian Harrison

Inspiration + Achievement Training


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Life's challenges are always opportunities ...

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Open the door to your limitless potential 

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Be  more powerful, effective and caring in every area of your life




Believe in your dreams. Believe in your success.

With the Life Mastery Blueprint Course you can achieve them.

       Completing this course will give you -

  • The ability to manage your whole life with CONFIDENCE and RESILIENCE 

  • CLARITY about what you want ... about what’s most important to you. 

  • The ability to provide LEADERSHIP and model EXCELLENCE.

  • Skill in creating and maintaining a powerful VISION.

  • A PATHWAY to a bolder, brighter future.

  • Greater ability to PLAN and to manage the plan.

  • Greater depth of LOVE and APPRECIATION ... every day.

  • Having the system and tools to create a life of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.


       Enroll today for our online Life Mastery Blueprint course.


                                 Your best life is just a click away!

  • Online Course
    Online Course
    Online Course
    Believe in your dreams. Believe in your success. With the Life Mastery Blueprint Course you can achieve them. Option 1: Online Course: $US 397.00 Option 2: Online Course + 3 interactive 45-minute coaching sessions with Dr Adrian Harrison: $US 997.00 ($1600 value)

Subscribe today and receive $100 OFF (just $297 for a limited time only) for the Life Mastery Blueprint course.  

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Career Coach Auckland

­What is the most important change for you to make right NOW?

Do you want the most direct route to success, satisfaction, love, wealth and happiness?

Creating Now shows how, as an effective leader of your life, you can have what you want.


Blue Review


Senior Medical Officer (Specialist), Auckland

“When I started the Life Mastery Blueprint course, my work-life balance was poor and my future career direction uncertain. Over 10 weeks I gained a better perspective of all the components of my life and addressed the fears and concerns that were causing discontent. Most importantly, I redefined my main purpose in life, which really improved my confidence and self-esteem.


Adrian is an excellent listener, and challenged me throughout the course, as well as encouraging self-reflection and goal setting. His attention to detail is evidenced in the post-session notes and documents he sent. The practical “tools” that came with the course really helped me.


I highly recommend Adrian’s Life Mastery Blueprint course to those stuck in “ground-hog day” mode, to help you discover your purpose and goals.”


Have you ever felt like you're stuck, locked into your job, and unable to find a more satisfying direction for your career? Don’t continue to suffer. Contact our career coach in Auckland, NZ.

Many people face such difficulties at some point in their professional lives, and that's where career coaching NZ can help. Dr Adrian Harrison is a highly experienced career coach who guides individuals struggling to identify their career goals or facing significant career transitions.

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Dream Big, Achieve Bigger with Career Coach Auckland

Need to overcome career obstacles and workplace challenges? Want to fast-track your career growth? Explore your strengths, passions, and the perfect career paths that align with your skills and interests. Learn how to identify and then break through self-imposed limits with newfound confidence. At Professionals Best Life, you will get personalised advice and help in creating actionable plans to achieve the important things you want.

Why Choose Dr. Harrison For Career & Life Coaching?

Dr Harrison combines his extensive medical specialist experience with decades of personal development training to provide unique and transformative career coaching for busy professionals. With a career as a Chest Physician spanning over 40 years in both public and private practice, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare arena.

Dr Harrison's contributions extend beyond clinical practice. He trained as a certified high-performance coach and has been coaching clients since 2011. He is also the author of two highly-rated books "Creating Now," and “Design Your Best Life,” showcasing his deep understanding of personal development principles.

His coaching services are tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to uncover your true potential and achieve extraordinary professional success. With his guidance, you can create a fulfilling professional career path that dovetails with your ideal non-work life. Ensuring both components are synchronised is the ideal way to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

What You Can Expect At Professionals Best Life

If you aspire to become the best version of yourself and excel in your career and personal life, having a mentor to guide you is essential. The right coach will enable you to accelerate your progress by expanding your awareness and teaching you skills and systems for managing your life. With these, you can be at the top of your class of peers. Our life coach in NZ Auckland excels in the following areas to help you succeed in every aspect of life.

How Expert Career Coaching Can Transform Your Life?

Are you often awake at 3am, troubled by career uncertainties and unmet ambitions? Do you feel like your professional growth has plateaued, leaving you unsatisfied and directionless? Career coaching is the key to unlocking your professional potential, re-igniting your enthusiasm, and propelling you towards success.

Attain Career Success and Fulfilment

With career coaching, you’re armed with essential strategies and tools to reach your career objectives. With a tailored action plan, you'll navigate your professional life with renewed purpose and confidence. As you progress towards your career aspirations, you'll feel a profound sense of achievement and gratification.

Navigate Career Transitions with Confidence

If you're struggling with decisions about your next career move, career coaching provides crucial guidance and support. Discover your core strengths and passions, and learn how to align them with your career path for optimal satisfaction and success. You can also learn how to manage any weaknesses you become aware of.

Discover New Opportunities

Shed limiting beliefs and outdated habits that hinder your career growth. Our life coach in Wellington will teach you how to break free from these constraints, paving the way for fresh aspirations and innovative professional visions.

Enhance Professional Relationships

Career coaching can also help you strengthen workplace relationships. Learn to identify your communication style and express your professional needs effectively, fostering stronger, more impactful connections with colleagues and superiors.

Overcome Overwhelm and Boost Productivity

Do you feel like you're constantly juggling tasks without making tangible progress? Career coaching helps you deconstruct complex projects into achievable steps. It also helps you to remain empowered and enthusiastic. This combination enables you to accomplish tasks more efficiently, avoid burnout, and experience satisfaction from your work.

Clarify Your Professional Direction

If you're uncertain about your professional trajectory, career coaching can illuminate and inspire your path forward, helping you answer the pivotal question, "What's next in my career?" with confidence and clarity.

Reignite Your Professional Passion

If your motivation and drive have dwindled, career coaching NZ is the catalyst you need. Tap into your inner reserves of strength and reignite your professional zeal. With a refreshed sense of purpose, you're ready to face challenges and excel in your career.

Invest In Yourself - Schedule A Consultation Today

Empower your journey of personal and professional growth by investing in yourself. With the expertise and encouragement of a dedicated coach, you're not just transforming your career; you're setting the stage for lasting personal and professional excellence and satisfaction.

Whether you're seeking career advice, personal development strategies, or an overall roadmap to success, our coach NZ is here to guide you.

Book a consultation today. Do it now, and before long, you'll be looking back and thanking yourself for taking this step.


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