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Dr Adrian Harrison

I combine medical specialist experience with decades of training in personal development. My talents make me uniquely suited to provide Inspiration + Achievement training for Busy Professionals.


My medical experience includes:

  • 40-years as a Chest Physician in public and group private practice.

  • General Practice locums during my physician-training years.

  • Serving on executive boards in the College of Physicians, the Department of Health, and the Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand. 

  • In medical practice: a Director, a Teacher, Researcher and a Clinician. Also, the author of 38 papers in major medical journals.

My background as a coach and trainer includes:

  • Studying  personal development for more than 30 years.

  • Formal training as a Certified High Performance Coach (USA)

  • Coaching clients since 2011.

  • Author of the 5-star rated book Creating Now

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I care about people and what's important to them. I'm willing to strive for your success, to help you inquire into your beliefs and concerns, and to help you define exactly what you want. As a partner in your future I'll offer you accountability and new ideas about managing your life.

And so you know - it's important to me for our coaching to be enjoyable, not just productive. 


I'm ready. If you are, let's get started!