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Where are you heading in life? Perhaps you can answer this important question quickly and easily: “No worries on that score,” you might reply. But if your work life or a key relationship is uncertain, insecurity can taint other parts of your life.  If you are uncertain about your life's direction, consider reaching out for help: continuing to suffer gets you nowhere. Our life coach Wellington will help you address the challenges you’re facing and find the solutions you need.

On the other hand, although important parts of your life may be in great shape, you may be experiencing a sense of unease and discontent. This happens to many individuals at certain stages of their lives. The cause often lies in lack of clarity, purpose, and confidence.  This creates a barrier to achieving personal and professional goals, and low-grade, background stress that adversely affects overall well-being and effectiveness. 


Our transformative coaching services will help you rediscover clarity and build the confidence needed to navigate life's complexities. Our approach to life coaching is infused with genuine caring, passion and a clear sense of purpose. We will help you clarify the elements you require to create a fresh vision of the future.


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Conquer Life Success with Wellington Professionals’ Coach

Life can be tough, and it's easy to feel lost and unsupported when navigating its twists and turns. That's where Wellington’s expert life coach comes in, offering tailored guidance and support to help you conquer issues and succeed in life.


With many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, our coach, Dr Adrian Harrison, knows how to help you identify and achieve your goals in both your personal and professional life. By working with our coach, you'll learn how to overcome obstacles, develop new skills, and find the motivation and clarity to succeed.

Life Coach Wellington

Why Choose Dr Harrison For Your Life Coaching Needs?


Dr Harrison stands out as a remarkable life coach, uniquely blending an extensive medical background with a profound commitment to personal development. With over 40 years of experience as a Chest Physician, Dr Harrison brings a deep understanding of both the practical and psychological aspects of living happily and successfully. 


He has dedicated more than three decades to studying personal development, culminating in his formal training as a certified high-performance coach in the USA. Since 2011, he has been applying this wealth of knowledge as a Career coach in NZ, helping clients unlock their highest potential. 


As the author of the 5-star rated book "Creating Now," and his recent book, “Design Your Best Life,” Dr Harrison has already made a significant global impact in the personal development arena. His approach to coaching is deeply rooted in his care for people and what's important to them. 


He is committed to helping clients explore their beliefs and concerns, and to define clear, achievable goals. As your partner in success, Dr Harrison offers not just accountability, but also innovative ideas for managing your life. Previous clients confirm that he makes the journey towards success as enjoyable as it is productive.


Book a consultation today about achieving the meaningful life you desire.

How Our Expert Life Coaching Can Transform Your Life

At Professionals Best Life, we guide you through a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and goal achievement. We offer unique self-management systems that keep growing in value. With a tailored approach, we address your unique challenges, unlocking your inner potential. Whether you seek clarity in your goals, confidence in decision-making, or an overall life transformation, our expert life coaching is the catalyst for positive change.

Achieve Life Clarity

Cut through the noise and confusion of daily life with unparalleled clarity and focus. Our life coaching program is designed to illuminate your path and guide you on your journey. We understand that in the hustle of everyday life, your needs, priorities and values can become obscured.

Our coaches are adept at guiding you through the fog, helping you to identify and focus on what is genuinely important to you. Together, you’ll set the stage for a life that’s aligned with your purposeful vision and aspirations.

Our approach helps you identify your true priorities, making decision-making simpler and your path forward clearer. Embrace a life where every choice is informed, intentional, and in alignment with your core values.

Sustained Motivation

Keeping the momentum going can be tough, but with our coaching, you're never alone on your journey. Our life coach in NZ Auckland is available and stands by you as your accountability partner, helping you develop consistency in fueling your motivation and staying on track. Our support is tailored to ensure you remain steadfast in your pursuit of goals, even when the going gets tough.

Navigate and Overcome Challenges

Our expert coaches excel in identifying both internal and external barriers that might be holding you back. We don't just highlight these obstacles; we equip you with effective strategies to overcome them, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards your success.

Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

Our coaching is a transformative experience, not just a goal-achieving tool. We encourage deep self-exploration, helping you to uncover and understand your inner strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and patterns. This journey of self-awareness is integral to personal growth, leading to profound, positive, and empowering changes in how you view and interact with the world.

Improve Quality of Life

The ultimate aim of our life coaching is to enhance the quality of your life in every aspect. We guide you towards living more intentionally, with a greater sense of balance, reduced stress, and improved relationships. The transformation you undergo is comprehensive – impacting not just your achievements but enriching your entire life experience, bringing fulfillment, joy, and a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Bring Your Dreams to Reality

Kickstart a transformative journey where your deepest dreams are not just distant desires, but achievable realities. We guide you step-by-step in turning your visions into tangible outcomes, ensuring that what you dream today becomes your living, breathing tomorrow.

Book a consultation now - and start your progress to the more meaningful life you desire.

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