Senior Medical Officer (Specialist), Auckland

“When I started the Life Mastery Blueprint course, my work-life balance was poor and my future career direction uncertain. Over 10 weeks I gained a better perspective of all the components of my life and addressed the fears and concerns that were causing discontent. Most importantly, I redefined my main purpose in life, which really improved my confidence and self-esteem.


Adrian is an excellent listener, and challenged me throughout the course, as well as encouraging self-reflection and goal setting. His attention to detail is evidenced in the post-session notes and documents he sent. Several of the practical “tools” that came with the course really helped me.


I highly recommend Adrian’s Life Mastery Blueprint course to those stuck in “ground-hog day” mode, to help you discover your purpose and goals.”

Dr Rebecca J, Medical Specialist Trainee

I was going through a patch of feeling quite uninspired and uncertain around my career path and was curious to know what insights and improvements I could make with the input of a coach.


Adrian shed light on how easy it is to fall into ‘autopilot’ and miss out on richer life experiences well within reach. He helped me to identify areas in which I was operating in autopilot and not capitalizing on opportunities for growth and joy. Through our enjoyable work together I rediscovered the fun in exercising courage and was able to clarify my priorities and purpose.


One of the key habits I have established through his coaching is regular scheduled time for reflection and planning, to drive living with intent. I think there is always room for compassionate self-improvement and anyone can find benefit in coaching if they are open to honest reflection and to experimenting with opportunities for growth!

Shaun K, Artist and Yoga Instructor

“I feel Invigorated! I have just finished 10 months of High Performance Life coaching with Adrian.


I am a Yoga specialist in New Zealand. I help great-minded people live in great,

balanced bodies. To elevate my students I must be acting, engaging, and leading from

greatness within myself. The High Performance Life Coaching touched on all the areas

of my life and taught me how to not only improve them, but how to flourish in them.


During the 10 months I greatly improved my work life, relationships, goals, values and energy. Finishing the program has left me with the tools to continue this growth and productivity to, and beyond my current life ambitions.


I highly recommend this program with Adrian to those looking to get more out of their life in every aspect. It has pushed me to success and opened endless door of possibilities.”

Mike S, Advertising Consultant.

"Adrian’s 'creating now' philosophy and personal coaching has helped me to live deliberately and focus my life on the things that really matter. I'm stoked, because this led to improvements in every area of my life!

Also, I can't over-emphasize the benefits of the 'coach on call' service for those times when you've got a really tough problem and need some outside perspective.

All in all, I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who knows they have potential they're not tapping into."

Dougal M, Business Owner.

"My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about Adrian. We approached him for coaching to help us find our vision for investing for the future. However, not only did Adrian do that, but he also opened up our horizons in a number of other personal growth areas.


A very warm and friendly person to deal with, Adrian was very passionate about helping us. We were impressed with how Adrian could quickly help us identify and work through our progress barriers and lines of resistance. We highly recommend Adrian's coaching."

Kevin Y, Teacher.

"Adrian Harrison has been a great help in assisting me to stay focused. I truly appreciate his wisdom and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who may need a sense of direction in life."


Jeremy K, Business Owner, Health Industry.

"I would like to thank Adrian for making the time to mentor/coach me through a difficult transition time. I am compelled to offer feedback on my extremely positive experience.

When I approached Adrian for assistance I did so with trepidation as I did not know what help I actually needed. Also, I didn't have any previous experience with personal coaching. Signing up with Adrian took a big leap of faith. It was the right move. Adrian quickly put me at ease and identified logical and progressive steps that quickly moved me forward. He also helped me grow my confidence, which had held me back professionally.

When you have a such a highly achieving professional as Adrian encouraging you, supporting your work and clarifying decision-making, you change quickly. Adrian was able to steer me with process, suggestions and readings that, combined with his warmth and clarity, helped me to focus and grow. I was at a professional hiatus that was affecting my work and home relationships: Adrian helped me to focus on what was important. As a direct result my business has grown strongly and I  enjoy my days immensely.

Looking back at this time, I am deeply grateful for Adrian’s help. With the systems he provided I know I will continue to improve my professional and personal goals.”


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Dr Adrian Harrison


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